Henry Cavill's Dog Kal Makes Cameo in 'The Rake' Shoot!

Henry Cavill gives his dog Kal a scratch on the head in this photo for his cover shoot for The Rake magazine’s October 2017 issue.

Here is what the 34-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On having pride as a Brit: “My parents raised me and all my brothers as British, very British. My mother is Scottish and Irish, and my father is English. It has always been a matter of being proud to be British. It isn’t about turning your nose up at the rest of the world, it’s just that we are an island that, despite all the odds, managed to survive all the other empires of history and became the largest empire itself, and has still survived to be a world power. I think my parents just bred it into me to be proud, and I am.”

On the moments that changed his life: “There are a few events in my life that I felt like, when I was experiencing them, my life was going to change for ever. The first was The Count of Monte Cristo, second was getting Superman, the third was getting Kal.”

On dressing up: “I always liked suits, I like to look smart. My parents would dress us up for occasions, and we’d have blazers. Being in public school, you had to dress smartly, and I liked it. My enjoyment of style has taken a while to develop because I haven’t really known what I wanted. As soon as I wore my first bespoke suit I thought, ‘Oh, O.K., this is what it is supposed to look like’.”

FYI: Henry‘s dog was named after the real name of his Superman character, Kal-El!

For more from Henry, visit TheRake.com!

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Henry Cavill’s Dog Kal Makes Cameo in ‘The Rake’ Shoot!

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